see u wen i see me

see u wen i see me
one become two

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

this is crap

thanks alot for screwing up.. haha

from the very beginning this is all crap.. haha

and again it taste like shit..

Monday, July 6, 2009

we are but we're not..

haha.. im at ease, i don't miss him that much..
i dont know.. to love or not or love?!amfufu...
all i know is i certainly like him. haha
like like like..
style?! give away much?! no mystery..
gusto ko pinagiisip ako...
tipong maloloka me mamaisip qng anu iniisip nya..
chill muna tayo ok?! relak ln.. treasure muna nten ang mga small moments..
though i know, na simula ln toh... do i?! yep yep yow..

let me prove if love is a decision^^


teka ambilis nmn...













nmn..anu b un?! teka sure k na?! pede huminga?!

is this a product of waiting too long..

Friday, July 3, 2009

how i've been with these....

I've been immensely happy because of..
this thing, it's weird but yet lovely.
i've been enjoying every bit of it.
i might freak out at times just scared..
scared that what might it just may not be as real as we thought.. and that scares me.
coz this, i want this to be
this giving in with this is not so me..
but i have a good intuition on this..
so i'll just close my eyes. throw all my worries and enjoy the beauty of risk...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

friday the 13th

some people says that Friday the 13th is a bad that will cause you bad luck. well, not for me but i guess a bit. hahaha
Today i went to MOA to meet up with my best friend Arianne and to watch Boyce Avenue's free show. Prior to that, something happen to my knees and i accidentally fell flat face on the floor with my things scattered on the floor too and left with some bruises on my knees. it was a huge scene with all the people reacting to the incident. i feel so embarassed as a guard help me pick up my things. huhu. another thing when i woke up this morning my fone was drained again. as in no power. i cant text arianne for our meet up today. i was even super late for our booth today. but later on everything was ok.

ok fine enough of the badluck. im tamad writing na.
i was able to meet boyce avenue.. meet, greet and hug. thank you Lord for the oppurtunity. so happy!!xo xo

Thursday, February 12, 2009

my desktop.

i just wanna share my desktop background. so nerdy. xo xo


i was at the biggest human lasallian star!!yey!!
it was like 10,000 plus people gathered to form and make a history. and ehem, I WAS THERE!! yey! hope we can make it as a world record. here is as shot of the WORLD BIGGEST HUMAN LASALLIAN STAR!!it's actually part of the Lasallian days kick off. and it was successfull, a good start for the whole 3days celebration.

by the way feb11 was also memorable for me because today i bought my first artwork ever. Made by a local artist (i forgot his first name) Ramon. He had a gallery at the CEAT exhibit hall. the gallery was composed of good music, good tasting wine, and a room full of passion. you can indeed it in his works. so galing

his the image of the artwork. its an abstract. super nice tlga.

today also i was able to meet marc logan hahaha he was nice, haha.
and also today was like freeday!! yey!! no classes for us. hihi.. yahoo!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

20 years ad 60 days of my single hood

For the past 20 years and 60 days of my single hood.... I'm still single and spending the happiest moment of my life..haha.. primarily, one of the reason would be I just came from our retreat. So by that I'm full of joy, hope, love and mission. encountering God with those people(classmates BSA/BSM41-0809) that you almost spend your whole four years in college. I love this guys. huhu..

anyways i'll just tell you what happened to our 2days retreat.

before anything else, wed night we went to Ting's place to do some MGAC paper and we slept at around 2am and woke up at 430am and leave the ting's place at 6am and we're F**ing late for our retreat. thank God were just on time. and too bad i lost my ID because of rush down to make it on time.hmf!

day1 of retreat..

ate our breakfast and did some sharings and realizations. and Correction, it was a Group Sharing, and when you say group one of my groupmates is Goi who happened to have a misunderstanding with me.. nice d b?! froglegs tlga. so it was not so ilang. kasi theres nothing to be ilang about. so we did some affirmations and wrote letters to each one of my groupmates including un. affirmation here and there. it was touching super. we even realized that life is like a yoyo. like the wheel, it turns 360 its either your on top or your down, the strings well its like your relationship with God. He'll let you to be away with him then when your down He'll just pull you up and back to his hands again. thanks for GOi, Rochelle and Milx for that.

neweiz everyone appreciated all my hardwork for JFINEX.. huhu i almost cried for that. huhu.. and as what rochelle shared. I did earn their respect. *so enough of the dramas.*

day two

it was a lot of food tasting with in between sessions. haha. then we did watch the touching story of Richie a hero who did gave his life in saving other people's life through his mission to Christ. touching Story tlga.

then, i decided to give letters to CHARASS only to charass kasi tamad na me to give letters to evs. but i felt so guilty receiving letters from almost everyone including From GOi. the content of GOi's letter was abit surprising and alot of thank yous for being ablessing chuba.. a bit flattering and touching. i think from that moment i miss him a bit. but then again what disturbs me was his statements that says, "hindi ko ln feel maging submissive sayo kasi.. you know" i was like FROGlegs! you dont have to be submissive a little respect will do. and that's what i did told him tru chikka.and with my expectation he didn't reply. which is a good thing primarily because it's the end of the conversation that i cant really consider one (watevs you may call it). but i have no bitterness with him coz.. everything is done between us. and to my surprise he was like "wala kang letter skin". i didn't know that his expecting for one. becoz i wasn't expecting . oh wel i did a bit but if he wont wrote anything it's just like ok for me. haha.. so ayun. that was GOi moment for me. then after that thing. what i did really like above all the letters i received was the one that came from allan telling me that i'm sa sweet girl and have my ownways of making people happy . i felt his secerity. haha and i cant believe that he thinks of me as sweet kind of mammal. haha.. surprising tlga. but allan is just a friend and my supah friend's recently titled as X haha.. natuwa ln tlga me to the fact that one person thought that i'm sweet which i wasn't really aware of. haha..

so all in all it was a great experience super duper great. as in. its the kind of greatness tha ti'll never forget.

PS sorry for the typo, wrong gramming or anything else im so tamad to proof read this one.. its hello!! like 5am na and im still awake Froglegs. i'll just edit it next tym and also pics.. next tym im still tamad to do them all. hihi..